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Frequently Asked Questions

For Consumers – FAQ

Do I have to pay for your service?

No. It is completely free for the consumer. There are no hidden charges.

How can I get the best results from your listings?

Use our search facility to find Electricians you require in your area. This will show up a list of businesses who work in your local area.

You can find details and reviews of their past work by clicking on the listing. As every customer is different and each job unique, only you know what you are looking for. The reviews highlight how each business has performed.

Now you are in a position to get quotes from several businesses that catch your eye.

How do I leave a review?

On each business listing there is a leave a review link. Click this link and register with our website. Then you can leave your review.

How does your feedback process work?

We believe the person best placed to monitor our members is you, the customer.

This public information stream allows us to publish reviews of how the trades and services perform, as well as to discuss with them the feedback they are getting. Your feedback is the very essence of Electricians in Nottingham – passing on word of mouth recommendations about the quality of tradespeople.

Providing your experience with an Electrician in Nottingham member has gone as expected, once we have received your feedback it will be reviewed published.

Your name and address are never published alongside your feedback. However, we do require you to fill in your contact details. Without a name, address and telephone number we cannot substantiate any claim or opinion about a tradesperson and we cannot operate on hearsay. Each month we aim to spot check and verify over 50% of feedback received. We may call or email you to verify the details you supply.

Do you guarantee the quality of your members’ work?

Our members remain independent businesses responsible for the work they each carry out. It is not possible for us to guarantee the quality of our members’ work or approve them as a trading association would.

We also guarantee to publish all feedback – good and bad, as long as the customer has given us permission to contact the trader about the complaint and providing it’s not anonymous and in the absence of exceptional circumstances. This means that our members work well because their reputations are at stake: one sloppy job and they lose custom. Our system gives you peace of mind. You know what others have written about each business, and that it is in their interests to work to the best of their ability every time.

Send us an email

If you need to contact any Electricians in Nottingham please use the contact details listed on their listing within this website. We manage the website and listings only.